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Stealing Cars and Teasing Women: Can We Stop Being Shameless?

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Stealing Cars and Teasing Women: Can We Stop Being “Besharam”?

By Col (Retd) Bhaskar Sarkar VSM

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Theft of cars and motor cycles and crimes against women like eve teasing, rape, acid attacks and murder are the most frequently committed offenses in our society. Most of these crimes are committed by young men and juveniles. The media has been trying its best to convince Young India that they must respect women and not look at them as items to lust for. But there has been little effect on the youth of India.

Whereas there is a lot of coverage of crimes against women in the electronic media, there is hardly any coverage of thefts of cars and motorcycles. These thefts have no sensationalism and reporting them on television is not likely to increase TRP. These are reported in local news papers and the figures are quite alarming. In the small town of Alwar, (population about seven lakhs) on an average, four motor cycles are stolen every day and one motor vehicle every month.

Earning money for a luxurious life style through crime or prostitution is becoming more and more acceptable with the youth of India.

The Reason Why

Why is our society willing to accept the criminals and the corrupt? We love marry of our daughters to corrupt government servants, businessmen, politicians, and policemen. We elect corrupt people and goons as sarpanches of villages, office bearers of gram panchayets, councilors of municipalities, MLAs and MPs. We never hesitate to give a bribe if it is going to benefit us. Why does the society tolerate “Besharam” (shameless) criminal political leaders, government officials, hoarders, black marketers, tax cheats and godmen?

Importance We Attach to Wealth

I think the first reason is the importance our society attaches to wealth. How money is made is not important. In any case quick money is rarely made by honest means. But the size and number of cars and houses one owns, lavish parties and weddings that one throws, the number of laws one can break and get away with is what which determines the position of a person in society.

Influence of Cinema

The second reason is the character portrayed by popular personalities in our movies and serials. Cinema has a tremendous influence on Young India. Film heroes and heroines on the big and small screens are role models to millions of young minds. Yet what characters do they portray? Recently I went to see the movie “Besharam” (Shameless) with my wife. It was a traumatic experience. Ranveer Kapoor, the hero of the film, one of the most popular heroes and a youth icon conveyed the under mentioned messages through his role in the film:

- If you are uneducated and unemployed, it is all right to become a car thief to earn a living or support your family.

- If you like a girl, you should pursue her against her wishes, keep teasing her and finally she will fall in love with you. Unfortunately the happy endings are only in reel life. In real life, such pursuits end in devastating tragedies, particularly for the girl.

- Stuffing a socks into your under wear to make the male sex organ look bigger will attract girls who are all sex hungry.

- Fingering your crotch during dancing in the presence of women is a decent and done thing and should be adopted by all, young and old (Rishi Kapoor also does it in the end).

- Ranveer Kapoor makes a virtue of being “Besharam” and encourages Young India to be “Besharam”.


I believe that as individuals, societies and nations, we finally get what we deserve.

If we as a society tolerate criminalization of government servants, politicians and youth we will have no security for our homes, our possessions and our women.

If we encourage Young India to be “Besharam” (shameless), we will not have a clean and healthy society.

If we encourage eve teasing and pursuing women against their wishes, no woman in India will be safe.

Government must act to ban movies which send wrong messages to the youth of the country. It can ban advertising cigarettes and liquor. Why can it not ban advertising of deodorants which show women as depraved nymphomaniacs and contribute to crimes against women?

Will Ranveer Kapoor and other reel heroes become real life heroes by giving interviews on television channels that the message conveyed in film “Besharam” and other such film was not intended and totally wrong. Young India should not indulge in such behavior.

Will the directors and producers of cinema’s and soap operas on television stop making films like “Besharam”?