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Should India Give Modi a Chance

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Should India Give Modi a Chance?


Col (Retd) Bhaskar Sarkar ; www.twitter@COLSARKAR

Many of my learned colleagues and friends keep telling me that we should give Modi a chance to be the prime minister and see how he performs. I have some reservations. I believe that Modi has dictatorial tendencies and is a front for the RSS and the Sangh Parivar. I believe that they have a hidden agenda of seizing power democratically and then perpetuating their hold on power by not so democratic means.

However, I may be biased against Modi and the Sangh Parivar. So I will take you through some pages of history and leave you to decide the issue.


Hitler had a humble beginning. He worked as a carpenter and painter before joining the German Army as a private during World War I. After the war he joined the German Workers Party. He had remarkable powers of oratory and organization skills and quickly rose to be the leader of the party. He changed the name to Nazi Party (short for National Socialist German Workers Party). In 1920 he formed a cadre called Brown Shirts, a semi military organization to act as protectors in clashes with communists (Similar to the raising of RSS to act as protectors of Hindus). Because of his personal magnetism and political astuteness, he got funds and support from the German Army, industrialists, bankers, government servants and the people (Modi has similar support). He preached violent nationalism and hatred against Jews. In 1923 he attempted to seize power through a coup which failed. Hitler was jailed for five years.

In 1928, the Nazi Party rode on the wave of popular discontent against the ruling party and increased its seats from 12 to 106 in the German Parliament. No party had majority and political instability continued till 1933 when a coalition government was formed with Hitler as chancellor. Once in power, Hitler moved quickly to destroy the German democracy. With the muscle power of two million Brown Shirts, he assumed total control. By 1934, all political parties other than the Nazis were banned. A purge in 1934 by the Brown Shirts eliminated all his political rivals. Rest is well known history. Hitler oversaw the execution of millions of Jews, led Germany into World War II and committed suicide as Germany was defeated and devastated by the war.

(Source: Book of Knowledge, Volume 4, the Waverly Book Company Ltd, London)


Mussolini also had a humble beginning. He was the son of a blacksmith and became a teacher. He had migrated to Switzerland to avoid compulsory military service but was expelled for his extremely violent nationalist and socialist speeches. He fought World War I as a private. He founded his own party Il Popolo d’Italia and his own news paper. After the war he formed a cadre of ex-servicemen called the Fasci. His Facist gangs attacked political opponents and even intimidated the police. In 1921, he was elected to the parliament. After political instability, the government of Italy resigned in 1922. The king of Italy invited Mussolini to form the government. Once in power, he gradually eliminated all political opponents and reduced the King to a figurehead. Mussolini remained the dictator of Italy with the muscle power of his Fascist party from 1922 to 1943 when Italy was defeated during the World War II. He was killed in 1945.

(Source: Book of Knowledge, Volume 5, the Waverly Book Company Ltd, London)


CPI came to power in West Bengal in 1977 under Jyoti Basu after winning the state elections. It immediately stared building its muscle power by enlarging the strength of its cadre and trade union. It also infiltrated the police and every other government organization. Joyti Basu retired as chief minister in 2000 but the party remained in power till 2011 by intimidating the opposition with the muscle power of its cadre and imaginative ways of poll rigging and booth capturing. The end came due to three reasons. Firstly, the people of Bengal were fed up with the domination of CPI(M) in their lives and the bullying of its cadres. Secondly, the Election Commission came up with the idea of phasing elections and using central para military forces to manage the booths and prevent rigging and booth capturing. Thirdly, Trinumul Congress under Mamta Bannerjee developed a cadre which out muscled the CPI(M) cadres. During their 34 years of dictatorial rule, the CPM exposed the inability of democratic elections to change governments and made a mockery of the Indian Constitution and rule of law. Industrial unrest and political extortion drove away all industries and reduced West Bengal to a backward state.

Modi and the Sangh Parivar

I find great similarity in the background and personality of Modi, Hitler and Mussolini. I also find great similarities between Hitler’s Brown Shirts and Mussolini’s Fascists and RSS and other elements of the Sangh Parivar. Modi, like Hitler and Mussolini, has started eliminating political opponents within his party, the BJP. Hundreds of crores are being spent on promoting the Modi Cult. He is determined to be the great Indian dictator.

RSS and the Sangh Parivar are intimidating BJP leaders. Advani was forced against his will to contest from Gandhinagar by RSS. BJP advertisements do not say “Agli bar BJP sarkar!” (Next government will be formed by BJP). They say, “Agli bar Modi sarkar!” (Next government will be led by Modi.) The BJP President, under threat from RSS took only 12 minutes to change his statement from “Agli bar BJP sarkar” to “Agli Bar Modi sarkar.” Hitler wanted to marginalize the Jews. Hitler believed in the superiority of the German race; RSS and the Sangh Parivar believe in the superiority of Hindu culture. RSS and Modi want to marginalize religious minorities.


I value my personal freedoms. I want to live my life in my own way. I do not want any political party or cadre to tell me how to conduct myself. I do not need RSS to protect me from Muslims or the Sangh Parivar to do moral policing. We have security forces and police to maintain law and order. I want real democracy. I want government of the people, by the people and for the people. I want free and fair elections. I am afraid my wishes will not be granted if Modi with RSS backing forms the next government in Delhi.

History has taught me that leaders who sneak into power by democratic means can murder democracy with the help of their supporting cadres. It has happened in Germany and Italy. It has happened in West Bengal and Tripura. I am afraid that it will happen all over India if Modi and RSS come to power.

If you do not agree with me, vote for BJP and bring Modi to power.

If you share my apprehensions about the hidden agenda of Modi and RSS, do everything you can to defeat BJP and Modi. All parties must unite to defeat them so that real democracy may flourish in our country. Defeat them to ensure freedom for yourself, your children and grand children.

Corruption, nepotism and crony capitalism can be controlled if value based politics brought in by Aam Admi Party flourishes. But if democracy is subverted by the party and leader in power, corruption, nepotism and crony capitalism will flourish unchecked. I would rather be a free bird than a parrot in a gilded cage.