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Questions for the Aam Admi

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Questions for Aam Admi

Dear Patriots and Well Wishers of the Ordinary Indian Citizen,

Ask the public these questions. Ask one another. Ask the questions again and again. Discuss them over cups of tea. Discuss them in the market. Discuss them on trains and buses. Discuss them at home. Ask the questions through news paper advertisements. Ask the questions through posters. Ask the questions through printed hand bills. Ask the questions at election rallies. Your future depends on the answers to these questions.

Modiji said, “I will will bring you good days.”

Have the good days come?

Aren’t the prices of petrol and diesel rising every day?

Are the farmers getting the prices for their produce which they deserve?

Have the prices of essential commodities gone down?

Has the violence of cow vigilantes reduced?

Have the services improved in government hospitals?

Has the standard of education improved in government schools?

Have the vacancies of teachers in government schools been filled?

Are your wives, daughters and kids safe?

Have the number of train accidents gone down?

Have the power cuts been reduced?

Have atrocities on Dalits reduced?

Has the economic condition of Adivasis improved?

Modiji said, “I will bring back all black money stashed abroad and give 15 lakhs to each family?”

Have you received any money?

Every year about Rs. 25,000 crores or $4 billion of wealth flows from India to tax havens around the world. Has Mr. Modi been able to stop it?

Modiji said, “Yoy have suffered due to Demonetization. But this will reduce corruption.”

The poor suffered. They stood for days on queue trying to draw money. Some even died. Did you see any rich person stand in queue to change their money?

Has corruption reduced?

Are the police not collecting “Hafta or weekly extortion” from rikshawalas, vendors and similar people?

Can any poor man register an FIR without paying money?

Has anyone got an electric or water connection without paying a bribe?

Has any Ticket Collector allotted a seat without taking money? Do they give receipt?

Has any contractor got payment for his bill without paying a bribe?

Has your income increased due to Demonetization?

Has any BJP government given ACB the permission to launch prosecution against officers caught red handed by ACB? Has government thought of fast track special courts to try corrupt government servants?

Has BJP appointed the Lok Ayukt as agreed with Anna Hazare?

How many corrupt government servants have been jailed? Suspension is no punishment. It is leave at half pay.

Has the 2000 rupee note made it easier or more difficult to hide black money?

Modiji said, “I will ensure development for all sections of society.”

How many of you have got jobs or income since 2014? How many of you have lost jobs and income?

Have the condition of roads in your town, city or village improved?

Are you getting enough clean, safe drinking water?

Has your city or village become cleaner?

Do you have Rs 12 lakhs to purchase a house built under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna? Can you take and repay such a loan?

Have any of you received money from Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojna?

Have any of you become richer through Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna?

Has the collection of rain water or mud around your house reduced?

Do you benefit if some trains run at 150 km/hr? Do you have money to buy tickets on such trains?

Does the money spent on four laning highways improve your lives?

Is Modiji PM of Gujarat or of India?

Modiji has taken about Rs 90,000 crores from Japan for the bullet train project from Gujarat to Mumbai. The factories connected to the project will be set up in Gujarat. Jobs will be created in Gujarat. Are you going to benefit from the bullet train?

How many poor people will lose their land? How many poor people will lose their livelihood?

Who will return such a big loan? The entire economy will be ruined in trying to pay back the loan.

The prices of petrol and diesel will go up further. The ordinary citizen will be crushed.

How many of you can pay Rs 3000 as fare to travel on the train?

Who benefit from the bullet train? Only the rich, the businessmen and politicians will benefit? The poor can only see it fly past from a distance and pay for project.

Elections are going to be held in Gujarat. Is this an attempt to win the election?

5 lakh children below five died in India due to lack of adequate medical facilities during 2016. Would the money for bullet train not be better spent in developing better health care all over the country?

Would it not have been better if the money for the bullet train had been used for providing clean and safe drinking water to lakhs of villages which do not have safe drinking water?

Modiji says that the economy of the country will become better due to GST.

How will GST improve the economy of the country?

The rich with help of corrupt income tax officers and CAs have been evading tax and will continue to evade tax.

Business men were evading sales tax in with the help of corrupt inspectors. They will continue to evade GST with the help of corrupt GST inspectors. How many businessmen are issuing GST compliant receipts? How will the nations income increase unless corruption is checked?

How will small businessmen and less educated business men cope with the documentation connected with GST? Will they not have to pay bribes to survive?

BJP stands for the Rich and the Business community? What can an ordinary citizen expect from it?

BJP keeps increasing the price of petroleum products. It is not bothered about the pain suffered by the poor due to price rise. Can they not ban the sale of diesel cars and SUVs? But why should they do it? They want to give benefits of subsidy to the rich. They have to benefit the automobile manufacturers for contribution to party funds. Can they not sell petrol pre-mixed with engine oil for two wheelers at a subsidized rate? Why should they do it? Its aim is to milk the poor to the bone and benefit the rich and businessmen.

The price of the LPG cylinder is also being increased every month. BJP is not bothered about the pain it is causing the poor. Can they not stop issue of subsidized cylinders to those who earn more that Rs 5 lakh per year? Can they not restrict the number of subsidized cylinders to 6 per year? Can they not make the use of domestic cylinder for commercial purposes in hotels or industries a criminal offence wih a Rs 5000 fine for the first offence and one month jail for second offence? But why should they do it? Their mission is to benefit the rich and businessmen.

BJP government is not filling up vacancies in government departments. The railways alone have more that 3.5 lakh vacancies. They want all government work done by contractors. They are even thinking of giving running of government schools and hospital by contractors. The contractors pay the desperate unemployed far less than the government, make them work longer hours and make huge profits. Why does the government not fill up existing vacancies? Why should they? BJP is there to benefit businessmen and to take commission from the contractors.

BJP government is paying builders at the rate of Rs 1600 per sq. ft for making houses under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna on government land. It is paying thousands of crores in premium to insurance companies for Pradhan Mantri crop insurance scheme. It is paying traders to procure pulses. God knows who else is being paid and for doing what? All these businesses are making huge profits and contributing to BJP funds. What is the farmer or ordinary citizen getting? Nothing.

Modiji is a dream merchant. He sells new dreams where ever he goes.

Are you going to vote based on dreams?

Would you like to give another political party a chance to serve you?

Please remember, as you sow, so shall you reap.