In the aftermath of its defeat in the Indo-Pak War of 1971, formation of Bangladesh and the surrender of over 90,000 prisoners of war, Pakistan Army vowed to take revenge. Have they forgotten this pledge? The author believes that the answer is no. The book is about an imaginary plot made by Pakistan to dismember India and thus take revenge for the humiliating defeat of 1971. It is a canvas of fiction framed on the events of history with a bit of future gazing.


The book is a work of fiction. It is the story of a conspiracy carefully hatched by and relentlessly pursued by Pakistans ISI for a period from 1971 to 1998 by fomenting and aiding insurgencies throughout India. It is the story of men and supermen, of self seekers and self sacrifice, of love and lust, of tenderness, of cruelty and revenge. It reveals the human side of our invincible armed forces, the dreaded terrorists, their families and those who suffer. It is the story of a war nearly lost where India is saved by divine intervention in the form of floods.


The book starts with a small incident on 15 December 1971, two days before the surrender of Pakistani troops in East Pakistan. It then carries out an appreciation on behalf of Pakistan as to how best to dismember India by encouraging the people of different states of India to seek independence from India. Based on this appreciation a plan is prepared and put into operation.


The book there after takes the readers through the turmoil in Bangladesh following the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman, rise of terrorist activities first in Punjab and then followed by rise in terrorist and secessionist activities in Kashmir, Assam, Manipur, Tripura and other states of the Northeast India. It traces the entry of Pakistans ISI into Bangladesh and the support extended to all the terrorist organizations in Northeast India by Bangladesh and ISI. It highlights the growing military strength of Bangladesh and the growth of Pakistani and Chinese influence and military cooperation in Bangladesh.


The climax takes place when combined forces of China and Bangladesh attacks India at the Siliguri Corridor and succeeds in cutting off the road and rail link to the Northeast and traps two Indian Corps. However, unprecedented floods submerge the lines of communications of the Bangladesh Army forcing them to withdraw. Landslides block the lines of communication of the Chinese Army and India is saved a humiliating defeat.